Bimber Theme Activated v9.0.1

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When you are going to build a viral niche website, you should choose a theme, that fits best to display your content in rich snippets and search engine-friendly environment. You are provided to Free Download Bimber Viral WordPress Theme v9.0.1 Activated with all premium features. You will find this theme very friendly with niches that remain in the news feed and covers viral topics. Similarly, the speed of the theme makes your website load faster. We (ThemesJar) have provided with best plugins and themes in the latest version and keep them updated. You are free to use the content files on our site.

Free Download Bimber Viral 2X faster WP Theme

Basic Info About Bimber Viral WordPress Theme:

In this section, we are going to cover; What is Bimber? Its developer? First Release & some of the basic info. So lets dive. Bimber is a 2X faster loading WordPress Theme especially designed and developed for sites created for viral niches and topics. It is the best-selling theme and one of the well-designed themes of WordPress.

The app has a built-in feature to detect the ads-blocker in the user’s browser just like De-Blocker Plugin. It asks them to remove ads blocker and increase your income if you are a publisher of Google Adsense or any other Ads Publisher.

Bimber Viral WordPress Theme is well designed with clear coding to give you a fast loading speed. You will find no trouble with this theme if you are using a well hosting with good initial server response and uptime. The pages are responsive to drive traffic from all mediums and devices. Similarly, Google AMP pages are supported to rank you better across mobile devices and tablets.

As a general saying “Getting stuck sucks”. So if you are willing to create a fast-loading website. This theme is well designed by keeping the focus on loading speed. Moreover, for better performance cache (WP Rocket) and cleanup (Asset CleanUp Pro) plugins are also

This theme provides with best designs with multiple color schemes and typography. Moreover, it is supported by an advanced Gutenburg editor to edit pages and posts. Similarly, other popular page builders like Elementor Pro and WP Bakery are also supported by this theme.

There are more than 9 pre-made fully customized magazine demo templates. However, there are single layout templates to develop a site from scratch. Overall, this theme is perfect for creating sites in just a couple of hours.

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Features of Bimber Viral WordPress Theme:

The above section is dedicated to let your know basic info about Bimber Viral WordPress Theme. However, we have reserved this section to describe the features of this amazing theme. We will try to discuss the features of Bimber by using simple Wording. However, if you get stuck to some technical term, let us ask in the comment section.

Here is the list of Amazing features of the Bimber Theme;

  • Fully compatible with cross-browser including the famous browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. 100% responsive to all kinds of devices such as mobile devices and tablets. Supported by Google AMP pages for fast indexing across mobile devices. Support is available to display content on GDPR and Retina Devices.
  • Clean coding with extra fast loading speed. The theme developers claim that this theme provides 2X faster speed than normal themes for WordPress.
  • Easy configuration and set up the module. All of the premium features for general SEO for fast indexing of your articles and page building. No need to install 3rd Party SEO plugins like All in One SEO Pack.
  • Well-designed popular posts, hot posts, and trending lists are available in theme design. Share buttons for sharing the hot topic posts.
  • Bimber Viral WordPress Theme has both Dark and Light Mode with Front End Switcher. The best look-up enhancing user experience by choosing the color mode by tapping the toggle button in the header section of the theme.
  • Fully designed 9+ complete sites demo content templates. For your easiness, if you don’t want to develop your site from scratch. Ready-to-use demo templates for blocks and single pages are present to customize your website.
  • Best ad space for ad networks like Google Adsense to enhance your earning. There are multiple responsive and sticky Ad slots to display ads.
  • The other features including mega menu support, frontend uploader, increase social shares with fake counters, sticky social share buttons.

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Free Download Bimber Viral WordPress Theme v9.1

Server 1:

Server 2:

Note: Install it as a theme. Never update it from your WP dashboard. Download the latest version from here to update your theme.

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What’s New? — Updated Bimber v9.1:

  • Fixed: Pagination is broken in the history collection
  • Fixed: Pause does not work on mobile GIF players
  • Added: On the private pages of BP, redirects lead to an infinite loop
  • Polls and quizzes are supported by Featured Entries
  • Addition: Conditional loading of the MediaElement library
  • The latest version of the Share Buttons plugin for Easy Social
  • AdAce plugin: support for date archives in ad slots
  • Links to documentation have been fixed in the G1 Socials plugin
  • A BP custom component’s permalink structure is not applied
  • Supported post types have been added to What’s Your Reaction
  • The option to hide the information “Browse and manage your votes” is available in the Snax plugin
  • In addition, we made a few minor enhancements and improvements


I would love to conclude this article by saying that I have provided the best information regarding the Bimber Viral WordPress Theme Activated. Moreover, I have looked over each feature, that could be helpful for you. However, if you found any of the terms used in this article confusing, ask us in the comment section. We would love to hear back from you.

Similarly, if you find any problem regarding broken links or installation, comment down. We keep on providing the best themes and plugins in their latest versions, so make sure to be a part of our family on Telegram, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

In the end, if this article helped you in any way, share it with your friends and other geeks. Thanks

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